Monday, 17 March 2014


I am sooo way behind at watching The Sewing Bee, hopefully at the weekend I will have time to watch but I'm not holding out much hope, life is being a  bit odd at the moment - one of those times where everything feels like its changing and time is speeding forward but then nothing is actually changing at all. Enough of my waffle, on to the sort of sewing related stuff.

I have been draping like a champ, but not draping flat fabric because that would be too easy, nope -  I have been draping other clothes.  Hopefully this will provide some inspiriation for people who have the time to do some actual re-fashioning (lucky lucky people)


  1. Hope life calms down for you soon... in the mean time, this is some very unusual styling! At least your 'creative juices' are still flowing!

    1. Thanks Nessa, I feel like its a shame that all my creativity is being pushed into Uni work - I want more clothes for me dammit!