Saturday, 19 April 2014

More sort of re-fashioning

Hi Internet

I hope Easter is treating you well? I have been eating way too much food and pre-washing fabric. Not much sewing has been going on as the cat objects -

He ignores all of the cat toys I buy him.

Onwards to draping pics - 

All of the above were draped with one pair of mens skinny jeans. To make them into final garments you would need an extra source of denim. I found the shapes quite inspiring and now I really want a little denim jacket with lime green patch pockets.

The photos below were draped using the skinny jeans and a pair of boys jeans. These pics show the evolution of what ended up being my final garment for this module, however because I am a dick I forgot to take a picture of my garment when it was actually finished.

The technical drawing for this dress was a bitch and a half to draw, unfortunately it's on a memory stick which I am too lazy to go find! The cat has gone out now so I can get on with cutting that toile (its a Seamster Patterns Dandelion dress) 

Adios Internets

Rachel x


  1. Oh my! I've never seen anything like it! You are so inspired at the moment!

  2. Love it! What a great idea to make it sideways.

  3. that is just fabulous! :)